About Us

We promote the delivery of programs and services to meet the employment needs of business, industry, and workers in the Central Texas area. These services are designed to place Texans in jobs and to equip those workers with the skills needed to foster economic development. We work with employers, employees, and the general public to achieve these goals.

What's New section

Discover new information or events that benefit our customers both in job search and in recruiting.

Our Departments

For Businesses

Our Business Services are designed to help businesses meet their human resource needs in today's competitive economy. Our knowledgeable Business Services Specialists are eager to assist you.

For Job Seekers

Our Career Centers are staffed by Expert Career Professionals who can assist you in every step in the job search process. The centers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to make your job search a rewarding journey.

For Child Care

Our child care section offers parents assistance with child care needs while they are in school or working.

We are part of the NAEYC Accreditation Facilitation Project. Sherry Trebus is the contact person for the Workforce Solutions of Central Texas NAEYC   Accreditation Facilitation Project. Sherry can be reached at 254-742-4517 or through her Email. Follow this LINK to enter our section containing NAEYC information.

We also provide training for Child Care Professionals. Class Schedules.

For Veterans

We work with our partners to ensure that veterans residing in our area receive the quality job search/job getting assistance to which they are entitled.

For Youth

Our youth services are designed especially for young adults ages 16-24 to assist them in transitions into the workforce.

Workforce Programs

Workforce Solutions of Central Texas offers a variety of programs designed to assist individuals to overcome barriers to successful employment.

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Career Ladders

Career Ladders show the possibilities of advancing in a positive, upwardly mobile road map to progress from entry-level positions to enhanced career fullfillment.

Job Descriptions Section

In this section we offer over 400 job descriptions. These are designed to assist job seekers in identifying skills they have acquired in previous jobs to use in their resumes. These job descriptions are by design basic in nature and job seekers should expand the skills in their resume by aligning them with personal experiences.
This job description section is also designed to give employers assistance in writing job descriptions.

Skills Gained from Education

This section hightlights skills that you can, or have, learn(ed) from educational endeavors. These skills can also be used when compiling your resume.

Child Care Provider Training

This section hightlights available training opportunities for child care providers and professionals.